By: Amanda Martinek

I can’t give San Diego radio station FM 94.9’s annual end-of-summer concert Independence Jam a proper review since I only saw one band. So this is less of an Indie Jam recap and more of my experience at a Cage The Elephant concert.

I am bias towards it, but Oceanside Pier Junior Sea Amphitheater is a perfect outdoor music venue. It’s small enough so that any seat is good but large enough to create a wild buzz and rowdy crowd. The sun went down and the anticipation grew as Cage The Elephant finally took the stage to thunderous cheers.

I watched from above as a shirtless lead singer Matt Shultz appeared wearing nothing but tight white bands and bright red socks. The pit began to push and sway as Shutlz Rick James style air-humped the crowd and bounced around the stage like a monkey on crack.

My adrenaline started pumping and I had to be amongst it. Being a short girl, pushing through the crowd was a piece of cake. I was soon close to front-row center, engulfed in a circle pit of burly, bearded men and covered in multiple people’s sweat and B.O. Yummy.

If you’ve never seen a Cage The Elephant show, you are really missing something amazing. As one of the very few real and rowdy rock and roll bands still around, their live shows are pure energy and it’s completely contagious.

Playing all the songs everyone knows and loves, such as “Aberdeen”, “Tiny Little Robots”, and “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked”, the crowd sung along on full volume. They graced us with a few new tracks off their upcoming album Melophobia out October 8th, including the new single “Come A Little Closer”.

Shultz basically asked the crowd to marry him and I think the overall consensus was “YES”. He couldn’t stay put on stage for much longer and launched his body into the crowd, as a few unfortunate souls literally lifted him up with their bare hands. Showcasing his synchronized swimming skills, he held his feet up high in the air and crowd surfed back to the stage.

Cage closed out with a the favorite “Take Me Down” and everyone left Indie Jam 2013 covered in sweat, tears of joy, and smiles from ear to ear. Thanks FM 94/9, you sure know how to throw a party.