“Every night I try to look at the audience and treat every audience differently. It’s almost like it’s a single entity or a person. I always try to treat it like a conversation and allow it to happen naturally in the same way that you would engage in conversation.” – Matt Shultz

cage the elephant

Cage the Elephant

The Night Running Tour brought several contemporary rock n roll artists join together each night in creating illustrious performances, unforgettable to each audience member in the crowd.

Starcrawler and Spoon started off the night with unique, experimental punk rock and indie sets, sending electric, enticing energy throughout the amphitheater. With the passion these bands share, it makes perfect sense that they are partaking as guest openers in this co-headlining tour for Beck and Cage the Elephant

On Social Cues, Shultz shares with us an expression of his current awareness of some of his true emotions and the weight he has been carrying in his heart. Shultz has gone deeper in describing the meaning behind this album to his fans, as he has shared his writing process and inspirations in multiple 2019 interviews. In an interview with Billboard, he shared, “This record is the last record, hopefully, that I will make living in the perspective of self-defeat.” It is clear that the lead singer has taken a very positive perspective in the making of this album, and has made it apparent that he has used the personal turmoil in his life to strive to inspire him and bring up the positivity in the world. 

Because of Matt Shultz’ theatrical and interactive personality, jumping in the crowd several times, and ending the show by actually standing on top of the crowd, with his feet held by audience members, and Becks natural alternative rock n roll aura, the singers matched each other perfectly in their avant-garde performance styles.

Both of Beck and Cage the Elephants sets were incredible, between Beck’s trippy, aesthetically pleasing visuals, and the heat of the fire that lit up the stage during Cage the Elephant’s performance, it was apparent the audience was blown away. 



The two bands will be continuing the Night Running Tour throughout America and Canada for the rest of 2019, performing their individual acts, and of course making special appearances on each other set joining together for their collaboration song, Night Running. If you are a fan of Beck and Cage the Elephant, this is a tour you can not miss. 


Review by: Olivia Barbato
Photos by: Sylvia Borgo