Photos By: Rachel Frank

By: Amanda Martinek

Legendary San Diego radio station 91X celebrated its 30th year on Friday with their annual concert X-Fest. Originally slated for March, the show was rescheduled for September to could include this little local band you may have heard of, Blink-182.

Radio station one-hit-wonder bands, including IAMDYNAMITE, New Politics, and Atlas Genius, kicked off the Friday afternoon show. I was stuck in traffic so cannot confirm whether or not any of these bands are actually good live. Wavves played next and was probably the best band on that stage but the least recognized and most punk, so go see them in a tiny venue like the Casbah if you get a chance.

Fitz and the Tantrums were scheduled next, but Fitz was in LA having a baby, so you know how those things go. Arena bands The Dirty Heads and Silversun Pickups followed, as everyone swayed and grooved to the few songs they recognized while the sun began to set over the Sleep Train Amphitheatre, formerly Cricket Wireless and formerly formerly Coors. Pretty magical.

Next up everyone had the pleasure of hearing The Offspring play, a band that always sounds good live and seems to get better with age. I was happy that these poor teenagers, who have less than 3 current music artists who actually play instruments, were able to witness a little rock and roll, even if 90’s pop punk is now considering “old school”.

The 90’s stars continued as Jared Leto made an appearance as an emo 14 year old girl, and they might have played music but I tuned out for most of their set. Covering the Rihanna song “Stay” however, was definitely a great add-on to his teenage girl motif.

And FINALLY, the band everyone came to see, laugh with, cry with, and relive all their amazing childhood memories, Blink 182 took the stage. With only an hour time slot, they were pretty limited in their set list and played most the songs everyone knew and wanted to hear (expect when they played a few tracks off Neighborhoods & Dog Eat Dog, which had the exact opposite effect).

It’s clear the band is getting older, with their lack of poop and semen banter, but their songs remain timeless. Maybe the trio can’t relate to going on “First Dates” anymore, but a shitload of 15-year-olds in that audience could. And that’s why people will always love Blink-182 and that’s why this year’s X-Fest was such a good time. Until Wrex The Halls, thanks 91X.