Music is my life. My name is Cooper. I’m a 14-year-old from PB. I play guitar and sing and I love music.grom tunes

I started Grom Tunes, a YouTube video channel all about local music so I could meet and jam with local musicians and it has been really fun. I’ve been able to jam and perform with musicians and bands like Beach Goons, Ignant Benches, MDRN HSTRY, Creature Canyon, Fashion Jackson, Band of Gringos and Tommy Ragen.

I even was able to record with some of the guys from MDRN HSTRY at the fun and now San Diego iconic Garage Mahal.

How did it happen? Simple. I asked. First I asked a local San Diego recording studio, Signature Sound Studios if I could borrow their studio when it wasn’t being used and the owner Luis was amazing and said yes. I then asked a friend of my dads, Dan Patronilo who played in several punk and hard rock bands in LA and had worked at KROQ in LA if he would help me host it and he said yes. Dan is amazing and helped guide me on how to start a show. Once I had the studio I started asking bands to come for an interview and if they could play a few songs. I met some of the guys from Fashion Jackson at a fair in La Jolla and they are the coolest guys. They said yes and they were the first band.

Fashion Jackson is super talented and is really funny too. Then I asked the local music man, Tim Pyles, who I should get. Tim was more than happy to help and suggested the next band, Ignant Benches. These guys have so much talent and are only in high school which is still older than me so I tried to act cool. The next band was Creature Canyon who play in LA all the time and were at a whole different level. And most recently, I got to play with Beach Goons, the nicest dudes from Barrio Logan. I was a fan of them so I learned one of their songs, Vatos Tristes, and they asked me to play it with them which to date is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. 

San Diego has an amazing music scene and it has been so welcoming. We are lucky here because you can meet the bands and get to know them. Shout out to one of the coolest bands I’ve met that is leading the charge MDRN HSTRY with their Garage Mahal Sessions recordings.

We have lots more in store and we are just getting started. If you’re a local San Diego band, let’s jam and record some music and blow up the San Diego music scene.

grom tunesSee you in the studio,