Enthralling, creative, engrossing, and truly one of a kind, Flying Lotus’ 3D extravaganza thrilled at The House of Blues.

Flying Lotus at House of Blues by Nadia Mishkin for ListenSD

Flying Lotus

Before Flying Lotus came on to blow people’s minds, a short stand-up set by Hannibal Buress elated the audience. A left field move from an unconventional artist was a perfect precursor, and set the stage for what was to come.

Flying Lotus has always carved his own path with his music. He is a master of genre bending, combining IDM with elements of hip-hop, funk, jazz, and ambient making for some glitchy, tweaked out, but dance-able jams. As innovative his sound is, the real showstopper was the A/V spectacle. Each effect reflected off the glasses adorned by the crowd, claiming a zombie like presence with everyone clinging to the animations coming off the screen and extending into the crowd. Performing some of the standouts featured in the excellent “Your Dead!” Flylo turned into his alter ego Captain Murphy which further cemented his talent and ability as an artist. From the start of the show with David Lynch’s monologue from “Fire is Coming” until the end of the show with Flylo and Thundercats’ “Them Changes” the audience stood mesmerizing by what they were witnessing.

A beautiful sight to see was the crowds engagement with the performance, a bygone era of cellphone free enjoyment adorned the theater. The visuals can not be justified through a cellphone screen causing people to be able to take in the show without distraction.

If you didn’t have a chance to check him out on this tour, make sure you don’t miss him when he comes to Desert Daze in October! A large screen and venue can only enhance this already astounding spectacle.

Review by: Eduardo Rozen
Photos by: Nadia Mishkin