Australian producer, Flume, blew us away this past Sunday at Valley View Casino Center Sports Arena.

The first time I heard this magical beat maker, I was in a hostel in Bocas del Toro, Panama. When Flume’s song “Sleepless” came on, everyone was instantly hooked, washing back cups of rum, letting loose and dancing. Since then, I’ve been lucky to see him at FYF Fest in 2013 and 2015. With his rise of popularity working with artists such as Lorde, Chet Faker and with his new pop sounding track “Never Be Like You feat. Kai” giving him mainstream radio play, he did nothing short of impress a sold out crowd of millennials at Valley View.

I shoved my way to the front of a crowd of sweaty half naked kids losing their shit to heavy bass drops until I found two tall strong looking dudes. I threw my panda suit on and asked the boys to lift me up for a quick crowd surf. “You don’t have to afraid, you don’t even have to be brave… The only risk is that you go insane.” As the chorus hit, the boys lifted me up into a sweaty mess of beady eyed dancers. Unfortunately, they weren’t ready for a crowd surfing panda and dropped me on the concrete surface within minutes.

With a few back bruises and ending the night looking like a sweaty trap queen, I must say it was all a success. If you get the chance to see Flume live, do it! The only risk is that you’ll go insane.

Photos By: Summer Luu
By: Rachel Frank