Slow Magic

Slow Magic proved himself not only to be an incredible DJ but also an impressively talented drummer at the Observatory at North Park on Friday, Dec 8th.

After an almost 30 minute wait, the lights in the venue dimmed to nothing but black in the room, Slow Magic slowly and cautiously walked onto the stage directed by security with a light to his spot, wearing a multi-colored wolf-like mask and a fur cape.

From the very beginning, Slow Magic proved to be an incredible drummer. He used only two floor toms, having unique drum techniques to follow along to his well produced tracks. Mid-set, he went out into the crowd and played using one of his drums, thrilling the audience by engaging them directly. He constantly threw out hearts with his hand, and the crowd reciprocated the love.

The best moment of the night, however, was when he brought up a child wearing a mask similar to his own and joined him in playing the floor toms. This got the crowd even more riled up, cheering both Slow Magic and the child on.

Closer to the very end of the set, I couldn’t help but finally make my way up closer to the stage and join the strangers in this kindred feeling of freedom and joy in dancing. The audience left the show with a newfound sense of appreciation for live EDM music, as well as an appreciation for Slow Magic’s musicality.

Review by: Rachêl Barocio
Photos by: Charlie Spadone

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