Alina Baraz

Alina Baraz

Alina Baraz ended a successful tour run in San Diego, selling out back to back nights at the Observatory in North Park.

As the lights dimmed low the crowd went wild, Kiana Wood, a dancer, came onstage, opening up the set with beautiful choreography. She was accompanied by the track “Show Me,” played by a drummer, bassist, and keyboard player. Soon enough, an uproar welcomed Alina onto the stage as she presented herself in an ethereal manner, with an outfit that resembled a glorified version of an intergalactic princess.

The atmosphere correlated with the celestial aesthetic of the night, with well-executed lights and an incredibly thought out stage production. “Unfold” and “Falling” were heavily driven by her band translating her music to an experience that still created a sense of outer space euphoria. Throughout the evening, Alina seduced her fans showing off delicate movements with her body. She knew how to entice her audience.

As Alina finished the first four songs, she disappeared into the dark. A sound of rumbling thunder and an immediate drum cue transitioned into “Buzzin.” Alina’s dreamy voice matched the way her hands moved swiftly towards the sky making her crowd go wild.

Nearing the end of her set Alina concluded the night with fan’s favorites including “Fantasy” and “Electric.” Following a roaring request from the audience, Alina came back out. As soon as she finished “Yours” she was surprised by her team and friends joining her on stage, hugging, and popping champagne to celebrate the end of the tour, making the end of the evening one to remember for everyone.

Review by: Rachêl Barocio
Photos by: Christine Heyne