The m​usical lineup f​or this year’s L​ightning In A Bottle i​s out, and for its 11th year the artist list is one of the festivals most prolific and exciting yet! But, if the thought of witnessing the likes of G​rimes, ​C​het Faker, ​and J​amie XX i​sn’t enough for you to start blocking out days on your calendar and pre-meditating ‘get-out-of-work’ excuses…Let’s take a look at a few reasons away from the stages that make LIB one of the world’s largest and most popular transformative gatherings there is. From “Sound Healing Stations” to “Dream Hacking Workshops”, Lightning in Bottle has a habit of recharging the soul and blowing one’s mind.


For 5 days and nights, all the excitement of summer camp comes alive and sprawls across Bradley, CA. When the official stages call it a night, a laissez faire of after-parties, pop up tents, and an army of festival-goers light up the land and dance up the sun. Whether you sleep in a tent or under the stars, the memories made at the campground are often the most cherished by LIB veterans.


Unlike Coachella and other music festivals, the main focus at LIB is self-actualization. The festival offers a plethora of activities to help dive into the spirit and massage out those mental knots. Guided meditations, detoxing yoga classes, and multiple workshops are there to help transcend the chaos of normal life and send you home with a stronger understanding of yourself and the world around you.


Ask anyone that’s been to a Do-Lab festival what keeps them coming back for more and the answer is invariably the same — “The people.”

LIB is not a “rager”. The community is one that values collaboration through self-expression and creativity above all else. Forging new friendship and getting closer with those you’re with is one of the magical ripple effects of attending.


Because why the hell not? I​t’s music, fashion, art, and spiritual swan dives as far as the eye can see. It’s also ripe with opportunities to learn, grow, and surprise yourself. No one can plan, or know exactly how they’ll react when the L​ightning strikes, but that just may be the most exciting part of all.

Whether you go to see the musical acts, meet new people, or pray to the moon and stars– LIB has the potential to be a life changer. If you’re up for the adventure, g​rab that ticket ​and give your imagination over to the L​ightning.

Get pumped. Get stoked. Get excited and watch ListenSD’s 2015 recap video coverage: