By: Matthew Burke

Stopping by San Diego’s Music Box October 29th is Failure. One of the most influential artists of the 90’s, yet you probably have never heard of them. In 1992, Failure debuted the raw, Steve Albini-produced, Comfort, followed by the medieval-induced Magnified. Songs like “Bernie” and “Small Crimes” had the “space-rock” pioneers sounding fresh, but it wasn’t until their ground-breaking third album, Fantastic Planet that  gained some recognition with their highest charting single “Stuck On You”. It arrived in 1996 at the peak of the 90’s grunge scene; which perhaps had the trio missing the band-wagon. As Failure could of course be dropped into the ever vague genre of “grunge”, they don’t quite fit the mold of the Nirvanas and/or the Pearl Jams. The band’s knack for open guitar chords, astrologic soundscapes, and melancholic lyrics, create the scenery of an astronaut lost at space; stamping an original sound that is really, incomparable. Although, their unfortunate break-up in 1997 swept Failure under the rug, leaving their cult-following with just a pleasant memory.

After numerous side projects from Ken Andrews— ON, Year of the Rabbit, and a solo album— along with Greg Edwards’ Autolux, fans were pacified, but nothing quite lived up to Failure. Then, fast-forwarding over 16 years, the trio reunited in front of a sold-out crowd at LA’s El Rey theatre in 2014. Ken Andrews, Kelli Scott, and Greg Edwards all present as the reunion eventually lead to a full-length album, The Heart is a Monster in 2015. Their latest release provides a thicker sound along with those spacey vibes that fans crave, holding its own while fitting right into the Failure discography. It’s now been over 20 years since Ken Andrews and Greg Edwards brought Failure to life, and within the last couple years the band is bigger than ever with past member Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens of the Stone Age) joining them as a current tour member.
Don’t miss out on seeing them live at Music Box on 10/29 with …Trail of the Dead and Local H. Get your tickets here.