Emily King is the kind of gal that you want to introduce to your family.

The New York native has this smile that forces you to do the same, as her milky smooth vocals flow through your ears with ease. Its all part of her stellar stage presence of energetic charisma that becomes the center of attention, and it feels genuine.

Emily King

With 19 shows spanning over a month—San Diego being show number 15—how does one keep up this kind of pep? We may never know. Although, the feel-good music is definitely a factor. Its this grooving blend of R&B, funk and soul that paints the imagination of one frolicking through a sunny central park, birds chirping as autumn leaves shatter across the landscape; its the care-free sound of love. But its not just the music that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, King’s on-stage demeanor is delightfully contagious. It’s her dance moves that are both playful and sexy with a youthful grandmother-like presence that is so endearing; she had the audience under her charm. The spunky funk of “Sleepwalker” mimics King’s personality as bubbles of bass and sifting drums dance around King’s feathery, yet durable vocals; it elicits the body to sway with eyes closed to a warm summer night.

DSC_0459The sensual feelings of break-beat rhythm and blues had the crowd eating every minute up. Especially when the Emily and Co. crept into the downtown funk of “Distance” off of 2015’s The Switch. You could witness full-grown men singing along to King’s delicate whisper-like singing that only added to the grammy nominee’s allure. Its all the smiles, swagger, sass and relative boogie as King blows kisses towards the crowd, graciously showing appreciation for her fans. All of which made for a hospitable performance at House of Blues San Diego.


By: Matthew Burke