El Ten Eleven

El Ten Eleven

Photos By: Summer Luu

By: Amanda Martinek

Last Thursday at the Belly Up Tavern, sleepy Solana Beach got woken up with the face-melting instrumental music of the geniuses El Ten Eleven. The Belly Up boasts a big stage with lots of space, yet somehow creates an incredibly intimate setting, which is a reason it’s one my favorite venues.

DWNTWN, a dreamy dance pop band from the City of Angels was the opener and started the night off right. The stunningly beautiful lead singer whipped her long curly blonde hair around, danced to and fro wearing a really rad dress, and got the crowd warmed up.

Fog filled the stage and El Ten Eleven came out. The crowd scooted closer to get a glance of Kristian Dunn’s epic guitar/bass doubleneck skills. They played track after track, blending and layering guitar riffs on funky looping bass lines, with a pulsating drum beat driving everything forward.  It was easy to tell when Dunn started to loosen up and have some fun when he started kicking his feet up, standing on amps, and allowing groupie girls in the crowd to grab his legs.

“We haven’t played San Diego in a while, but we’re actually from here. I went to San Diego State. Yes, I’m an AZTEC.” Glad to have you back in the ‘hood, thanks for the jams and hope to have you back soon.


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