For the last three months, Ed Ghost Tucker has been working with the team at SnowGlobe Studios to create their first official music video for their single, “Sofia.”

They collaborated closely with director Roman Arriola to accomplish this shared vision. Check it out for yourself!

Ed Ghost Tucker – Sofia (Music Video) from SnowGlobe Studios on Vimeo.

Production Process:
It began with the need to re-record the track itself. Ed Ghost Tucker holed up in their studio and recorded and mixed the track over the course of a month. Then worked with Keith Milgaten (currently in New York City) for mastering. The production itself was laborious for a multitude of reasons. They demolished Cameron’s living quarters (the shed in his parents’ backyard) to create a bare and empty space for the shoot to take place. Once empty, they cleaned his floor for the first time (ever), which resulted in the death of only one vacuum. They needed it just clean enough for our hired dancers not to be completely grossed out and somehow managed.