Drugdealer put on an over the top release show for Raw Honey, Michael Collins’ latest psychedelic pop album.

Drugdealer at Market Hotel by Francesca Tirpak for ListenSD


It was the party to end all parties at Market Hotel in Bushwick for the long-awaited and high-anticipated follow-up to 2016’s The End of Comedy, and Collins didn’t disappoint.

Joined by talented openers featuring artist Dougie Poole (NYC-based country singer/songwriter, who also joined Drugdealer for the soulful “Wild Motion”) and his band plus The Apple Bonkers (a local psych cover band with a radiating stage presence and a great setlist of classics), Drugdealer treated the packed room to a night of serenading and beautifully-composed music.

The mood for the night was characterized by watching the energy from the concert leak from the venue onto the Myrtle Ave subway platform just beyond the back window, inspiring onlookers to watch, listen, and dance along from outside. Such is the influence of Drugdealer, and hopefully will continue to be so forever.

Photos and review by: Francesca Tirpak