Touring the world on an epic comeback with their new LP Heaven, DILLY DALLY pleased Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg with no holds barred.

It was one of those special sets that felt like it was over in the blink of an eye. High-energy — much more so than when I caught them last time opening for FIDLAR in September — and bright, DILLY DALLY delivered some of their signature saccharine sludge to a packed room. Full of head-banging and enthusiastic fans, the crowd moved like liquid through the fast-paced set.

Dilly Dally at Music Hall of Williamsburg by Francesca Tirpak for ListenSD

Dilly Dally

The house music to warm up the crowd — a bass-heavy version of Cher’s “Do You Believe In Life After Love?” — the band stumbled onstage in pitch-black darkness but delivered a set far less clumsy and much more graceful than their entrance. With Katie Monks’ signature snarling vocals backed by fiery riffs and flying dance moves provided by the rest of the band, they seemed as excited to be there as those of us in the crowd.

DILLY DALLY has always been about delivering content on power and confidence, and Heaven is no different, but they’ve realized the importance of struggling through self-love. A comeback like no other, after a tumultuous breakout first album, self-care here is presented as is tough love, and how bleak circumstances sometimes force one to it. We can all take advice from the life of DILLY DALLY.

Photos and review by: Francesca Tirpak