Dr. Dog

Dr. Dog

Photos By: Rachel Frank

By: Hannah Winokur

I have never been more enamored by a band than I am with Dr. Dog. I love their clever as hell lyrics.  I love the upbeat pop sound they can make and I love how much fun they have on stage.  I love that Scott does not drink (an unrealistic goal of mine). I love Passed Away and I love Toothbrush.

The first time I saw Dr. Dog I was sold (February, 2012). And then the very next night I snuck out of my house to see them again- an hour away with a sheet of mapquest directions as my guide.

On February 5, 2016 Dr. Dog released their latest album-The Psychedelic Swamp.  It was introduced by strange video clips and tacky lines you would find on late night infomercials.  Hell, they even made a song called “Badvertise.” If there was an opposite of “selling out” it would be this album.  There is no effort to appeal to the masses or please the common public.  This album is WEIRD. I am keen to the swamp reference after being an avid fan of Toothbrush, which bears a song by the name Swamp Livin’. It was here I first heard mention of the psychedelic swamp. But this wasn’t the start of it all- the start was a tape predating the band itself.  And now that tape has been re-did and re-done and it is an experience in itself- just when you think you get the hang of it they throw in some strange song you cannot seem to grasp, but you cannot help but keep listening.  They stay true to themselves with lines like “Fate is hilarious, he does what he wants.” A line that strikes me to my core and makes me so relieved to have found this band.

Here is what I have to say about Dr. Dog: Their music is a good friend of mine.  If I have a bad day I listen to Dr. Dog.  If I have a good day I listen to Dr. Dog. Something about ‘em gets me like nothing else could ever get me. They have always given me something to look forward to-whether it be a show, an album, a t-shirt or a hat-they always keep it coming.  At happy times I find myself reflecting on lyrics like “The last time that I got lonely I didn’t even know your name.” A line so pure and smitten. And something I would love my boyfriend Dan to know. In dark times I find solace in their music, with lyrics like “keep on with the living you’ll soon enough be dead.” A line I take to mean “who gives a fuck if you fit in.” Because well, that is exactly what I need to hear.  There is no way to say this without sounding tacky-but this band has saved my life. And now I can say this very literally because they stopped their set on Saturday in order to ensure I was okay after a failed attempt at crowd-surfing.

On February 20, 2016 I saw Dr. Dog for the 10th time at Observatory North Park. I hit my head, fell in and out of consciousness and stopped the concert. I am writing this 40 hours later and am in pain. I am beating myself up because I lost the memory of my favorite band in the whole wide world.  I feel like a fucking idiot.  

If this concert review has made its way into your paws I am very sorry for disrupting your show.