The Mighty Mighty Bosstones descend upon House of Blues June 30, bringing their rambunctious energy with them!

I’m going to get a little crazy here and mention the band before the dinner review because I love this band so much! Also, the rebellious little 1997 me would appreciate the middle finger to society (society being typical Dinner and Show blog structure, but hey–take that establishment!). The Mighty Mighty Bosstones are coming June 30 to the House of Blues! These guys are real deal, blending ska, metal, punk, and that guy dancing onstage into a high energy show. The Bosstones just released their 10th album, While We’re at It, and it’s a perfect concoction of their old sound that we all love and know, yet modern growth that has us skanking into the new era. Plus, they rhyme the word “rigamarole.” Click here for ticket information!

The MIghty Mighty Bosstones

Getting buzzed off that Bumble Bee!

Next order of business is my breakdown of my fantastic House of Blues meal. I brought my dear friend and beloved San Diego comedian, Jesse Egan, and told him to strap in his napkin and get ready for a wild and spicy dindin. We started off with the Bumble Bee Cocktail, consisting of sweet Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey whiskey, fresh apple juice, tangy lemon juice, and crispy ginger beer. A new cocktail item, this compliments both a light dinner or a hefty and hearty meal like ours.

The MIghty Mighty Bosstones

Nashville Wings!

Next up, Nashville Hot Wings served with blue cheese dressing, bread and butter pickles. Lately, I’ve come across plenty of places trying to cut corners on wing experience, whether it’s with the wing themselves, the seasonings or the sides. These ones are some of the meatiest, juiciest and tangiest in the bunch. Good for people that like a kick of seasoning, but don’t want to be guzzling water for the entirety of the night. Jesse and I were so pleased with these little suckers we lost focus of our food puns and wordplay. Usually, we are the breast…even when we…wing it.

The MIghty Mighty Bosstones

You down with CCP? Yes, you know me. CCP is Cajun Chicken Pasta.

Our entree, the Cajun Chicken Pasta, kicked us into “may need to call an Uber and go home so I can finish watching all my murder shows on Netflix” mode. The hearty helping of fettuccine tossed in Cajun cream sauce is then mixed with roasted red peppers, fresh garlic, basil, and a generous sprinkling of Parmesan.

The MIghty Mighty Bosstones

I honestly want to take a bath in this Bread Pudding

To make sure we really didn’t fit in our respective pants, our final treat of the night was the fluffy, rich and scrumptious Bourbon Bread Pudding. Soaked in caramel sauce, and smothered in goodness, Jesse and I happily made synchronized Homer Simpson MMMmmmm’s happily into the atmosphere.

To make dinner reservations for the House of Blues Restaurant & Bar, or to check out the menu, click here.

Review by: Meryl Klemow
All Photos Courtesy of House of Blues