I felt that warm, happy comfort feeling at our latest fantastic meal at House of Blues Restaurant & Bar.

If I could have a TV show, it would be called “Okra Winfrey.” It would just be Oprah and me traveling the world, tasting different types of okra dishes, talking about our spirituality, and giving viewers tips on how they could improve their lives through okra. We would have a fan favorite segment called “Sokrahtes,” where we read the great philosophers whilst enjoying our okra dishes holding a glass of crisp white wine up in the air, laughing heartily at the notion that at one point we thought this could never be possible.

Atlas Genius

Chicken Gumbo and a Hurry Sundown Old Fashioned. Mmmmm.

That’s how great okra is, which is why I felt that warm happy comfort feeling when our latest fantastic meal at House of Blues boasted a hearty helping of this fine vegetable in their Chicken Gumbo. Once we tasted the dark and savory sauce mixed with andouille sausage, crunchy bell peppers, and onion, we knew it was going to be the type of dish that our server has to pry away. The rice adds an upbeat, lighter, and brighter mood to the dish. We appreciated that each ingredient had its place to shine without overpowering the other elements.

Atlas Genius

Hurry Sundown Old Fashioned

Next up, we ordered the Hurry Sundown Old Fashioned. Much like the gumbo, the dark and broody mood of the drink was livened up by caramel candied bacon, orange zest, and butter pecan. This is not your grandfather’s old fashioned, and if it is, I would love to party with him. This drink is strong and powerful and will help your cares sail away.

Atlas Genius

Crispy Chicken

Our main dish was the Crispy Chicken. The skin-on boneless breast was perfectly pan roasted with an extra amount of ham hock jus—perfect to soak up our sides of fluffy and buttery mashed potatoes and vegetables.


Atlas Genius

Coconut Cream Pie

Dessert was Coconut Cream Pie—a perfect compliment to our prior savory dishes. The whipped cream was fresh and sweet, and the toasted coconut sent us into full happy, nutty zone. The comic and immature clown in me kept wanting to smush the pie on my friends’ face Stooges style, but we ended up eating it all. Another time.

Our entertainment for the night featured the great blues and jazz artist Robin Henkel on the Salvation Stage. His stories were thoughtful and humorous. It was a perfect soundtrack for the meal.

If all of this sounds good to you, and you want more for a special price, House of Blues will be participating in restaurant week with a three course menu for only $30. More info about that and reservations can be found here. 

Our featured band of this month is Atlas Genius, playing the House of Blues on Friday, September 22nd! Word on the street is that the show will sell out, so please buy your tickets in advance. The duo is back with their first new music in two years, and will be rocking their live show featuring combined elements of electronic and pop music. Plus, they will be singing that song “Trojans” of course, the catchy and unforgettable one that knew you would be humming it for months, with aptly written lyrics “Oh, your Trojan’s in my head.”

To purchase tickets or read more about Atlas Genius at House of Blues on September 22nd, click here!


Review by: Meryl Klemow