Deap Vally

Desert Daze is everything you’ve ever imagined in a lazy afternoon daydream glazed over with melted cookies n’ cream ice cream in a giant field of sunflowers.

Basically Desert Daze is the best music festival ever and their Caravan tour which made stops in San Diego and Tijuana was nothing short of that. Check out the photos of their show in Tijuana at Blackbox presented by PASE music.

Imagine laying in a empty patch of green grass at 4AM in a foreign country looking up at the stars with a lover. That’s what Temples sounds like. A neo-psych band that brings back an era of the 60s with new melodies that will make you swoon to their music. They put on one hell of a show and I’m so glad to have seen them play in Tijuana. Thanks PASE music for booking them.

The Night Beats will pull you in with their infectious bluesy psych sounds into a whirl of good times and madness. That Fucking Panda hit the stage and had a great time dancing until lead singer, Danny pushed that Panda right off stage into crowdsurfing glory.

That Fucking Panda

Froth’s dreamy pysch sounds set the perfect tone at Blackbox TJ as the crowd started to fill the room. As the fans bobbed their head and shook their feet these guys made the crowd melt with their dreamy shoe-gazy beats.

Deap Vally is the epitome of Rock & Roll. Feeling the sweat melt off your face as you head bang to their dirty gritty guitar riffs and drum bases. DAMN. I love this band so much. Do yourself a favor and buy tickets the next chance you get to see them live. You won’t regret it.


Photos & Review by: Rachel Frank