Alt-Rock icons Bush, played for 1600+ fans at the Cal Coast Open Air Theater on Thursday night.

The band surprised fans with one of their biggest hits, “Everything Zen,” as their set opener. As the band’s frontman, Gavin Rossdale has an incredible amount of energy and does a good job of pumping up the crowd. He knows all of the rockstar moves and gestures that can make a small audience feel like they are experiencing a giant arena show. He greeted the audience by saying, “So how you guys doing? Thanks for coming out. Playing outdoors is one of the best feelings in life. Playing for a crowd like you is another great feeling in life. It makes all the difference in the world.”

Longtime fans, Chris and Jennifer were excited to see the band. Chris said, “We’ve been fans for a long, long time, but have only seen them in concert once before and it was 20 years ago! We’ve missed their recent San Diego shows. We just couldn’t miss them again.”

Rossdale also tried to offer relevant commentary on our current political climate, “It’s a weird time in history right now. Everyday something new, it can blow your mind,” but was interrupted by a chatty fan that wanted to remind him of other times she had seen him in concert. Naturally, Rossdale lost his train of thought and ended up dedicating the song “Peace-S” to her. I’m sure it made her night.

Bush left some of their biggest hits (“Comedown,” and “Glycerine,”) as well as an R.E.M. cover (“The One I Love”) for their encore. 

Photos and Review: Sylvia Borgo