By: Matthew Burke

Once upon a time, Christopher Owens brought his psychedelic jungle of 60’s rock sweetness to San Diego’s The Casbah. In support of his third solo album, Chrissybaby Forever, Owens played tunes from the past and the present.

Reining from San Francisco, the 35 year-old former frontman of Girls, and his backing band were cohesive and darn right genuine, tossing out catchy tunes without much hesitation, except for the occasional shot of whiskey . Owens stood his own with intelligent and relevant songs with his echoing vocals that held everyone’s attention as they grooved through the night with a nostalgic hippy “peace maaaaann” performance. The group’s retro energy filled the venue with surfy guitar work that coasted along slick bass lines and stellar drumming, concocting a solid sound that melted in your ears. As the band’s stage presence was a bit stiff, they kept the night interesting and the crowd moving along with the use of bongos, harmonicas, and synth, allowing the music to carry the night. The crowd cheered at beginning snaps and bass of “Heroine (Got Nothing On You)”. Its fluffy antique 50’s bounce had the audience charmed with it’s lounging innocence.
Playing with professionalism, Christopher Owens delivered a handsome amount of 23 songs. Stretching through his arsenal of solo releases and Girls material, Owens gave the audience a variety of songs to digest.

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