When are you guys releasing your EP and what artist collaborations will be in it ?

We will be releasing an Ep close to the summer, I hope. Funny you mention collaborations, All our songs have a lot of different artist in it. For example “Andromeda” was written by (ByAnIon) then we took it to our friend Daniel Corrales from (PRGRM) to produce it for us, then we mastered it with Billy Harvey aka WLDO who works for Traktor DJ, what an amazing dude!!! . Our track “One” was written by us and produced by John Kunkel from The New Division along with other tracks that will be featured on our EP. Then there is “Thirteen Giants” which we collaborated with “Lets Drive To Alaska” which is also our latest release.

Your music is very dancey. What is playing on your iPod at the moment that we would expect and not expect ?

Yeah we love your traditional Dance music producers like Kaskade, Armin, Arty, Adrian Lux and many more. We are huge fans of new wave ambient post rock stuff. Been listening to Moderat, Apparat, Purity Ring, The New Division, Teeel, Chvrches, Paper Route and New groups like MMX, Song of Return, Glasser, Pallers. Unexpected is One Republic though they are POP we are huge fans of singers with interest to challenge themselves vocally with good hook and harmonies. A good song is a good song regardless of the genre

Who would be the ideal band for you guys to play a show with ?

There are too many out there at the moment, haha, Probably Apparat. Love that band!!!!

I hear that you guys are quite the pranksters . Any funny stories or pranks from the band ?

(Alex): Hahaha im not sure if our humor is for every one, but last night I was laying down trying to rest before rehearsal and a member quickly pull my pants down and squirt a large amount of lotion on my butt which by the way was awful! My time was long over due, Ive done some awful pranks on my friends.

(Ray ): no comment . Lol !!

How are you guys feeling about making your debut and what are we expecting to see live at U31 on Feb. 5th for the Cobra Heart Show ?

Very excited to say the least, Ray and I have been wanting to play write and sing together for a very long time. This project grew quickly and developed into something we are very inspired by so happy to be able to perform the songs live is in itself a major accomplishment.