By: Alicia Montellanos

Canadian art rock band, Braids, took the stage last night at Soda Bar around 11pm. The walls of the small stage are padded with black leather, so naturally the inside of the bar is quite dark. However, if I had to use one word to describe Braids’ live music that night, it would be daylight. The lighting was simple—four standing white lights standing on the stage focused on the band—and as bright as Braids’ music. Bright, as in beautiful and gratifying.

Braids trio consists of guitarist and lead vocalist Raphaelle Standell-Preston, guitarist Taylor Smith, and drummer Austin Tufts. Austin was the center of attention, not because his drums took the center of the stage, but because of his energetic drum solos that outshined the set.

This may be normal or this may have been a result of the lead vocalist’s cold. Raphaelle admitted she felt “high” and excused herself midset, recommending the audience to resort to natural medicine and teas to avoid the effects of pharmaceutical cough medicine.

In spite of Raphaelle’s cold and the low number of attendees, the audience was very attentive. Austin constantly pierced the dancing front row with his eyes, as if looking for a connection or an interaction and exchanging some smiles.

The set consisted solely of songs from their latest 2015 album Deep in the Iris. If you already have your mind made up about this album, I urge you to give it another chance. The album is lively and intimately delivered in a format that simply outperforms the recorded album.