Boogarins took a detour from Coachella and brought their swirling psychedelic music to the Casbah for a night of irresistible hooks, grooves, and smiles.

Coasting off their debut concert at Coachella last weekend, Boogarins blessed Southern California with a few side shows, including a stop at the Casbah. The Brazilian band brought with them unique interpretations of the psychedelic rock genre, blending the sounds of Tropicalia, pop, and jazz into one unified sound.

The band’s radiant positivity enhanced the the show tremendously, as lead singer Dinho Almeida laughed and smiled with the crowd throughout the night. Playing songs off their recent release La Vem a Morte, Boogarins performed with a signature loose and improvisational style. For many bands, this can lead into jam band territory, but Boogarins sidesteps this issue by putting much of the focus on the infectious and strong melodies of their music.



Treating the crowd to a few tracks off of the 2015 release Manualthe band worked “Tempo” into whatever direction they wanted. The band brought the music to a complete halt, then proceeded to trade searing guitar and synth solos with the aide of rhythmic drumming, proving yet again that Boogarins are capable of reinterpreting their own tracks with finesse.

An extended version of “Onda Negra” concluded the evening, as Boogarins left the crowd completely entranced and wondering when they’ll return. Keep an eye out for a new album this year, as Boogarins could easily be the next break out psychedelic group.

Photos by: Ciara Rzeslawski
Review by: Max Sanchez