Black Lips brought their pure garage rock energy to House of Blues, and along with them were Danish punk rockers Iceage — one heavy line up.

Black Lips

Black Lips

The boys in the wood had come back to San Diego, and they were ready to do what they do best, make a big mess of things. For the night’s bill, we had Surfbort, Iceage, and the legendary Black Lips, a lineup made up of your bad dreams.

Surfbort were the ones to get the party started, and they did just that; front woman Dani Miller took command of that stage. They all had an energy that spat punk rock right at your face.

Next up on the line up from hell was Iceage. These Danish punk rockers always play a wild show when they come to town, and tonight wasn’t any different. Lead singer Elias looked like a young Ian Curtis that loved to scream his heart out — you couldn’t take your eyes off him with that intense stare he had. If you’ve already heard of Iceage, you know how gnarly the sound of Elias’s voice gets: the Danish accent paired with those passionate howls. They destroyed that stage, but left enough for the Black Lips to start their own chaotic riot.

The Black Lips got things going really quick, playing a couple classics with the whole crowd in participation, singing along to every word. The true Black Lips fans were in the house, and made sure they were heard. It wasn’t a super packed house like they were hoping, but that didn’t bother them, nor did it keep them from playing any harder. These guys will go down as some of the best live performers to be in the biz. Make sure you snag some tickets on their current tour.

Photos and review: Nicholas Regalado
Photos: Rick Perez