EP Art by: Eartha Hubbell

With the minor dementia of Björk and the seducing vocal delivery of Robyn, you get Bakkuda’s electronic dreamland, filled with catchy concoctions of melodic bliss.

Bakkuda is the alt-synth-dream-pop project developed by vocalist/producer, Alex Capella. In simpler terms, Bakkuda can be categorized as electronica. Capella opens her latest EP, Undefinable Bliss with “Blush”. The spacious downtempo of dance beats and luscious soundscapes feels like a soundtrack to a flowery fragrance. “Pity-Party”  paints a tropical beach with the drinks flowing, while other tracks such as “Moments” shows off seducing swagger that finds you in a delicate trance. The variety on this eight-song LP gives you club vibes and transient feelings of melancholy. Although, the playfulness on “Fun!?” traps itself in your mind with vocal hooks and bubbly instrumentals. Then, “Skills” owns a darkness that blinds the senses with Alex’s whispering vocals above a plethora of computerized intensity that lures you in like a fish stranded in the Bermuda Triangle. This seems to be the theme ofUndefinable Bliss; rhythmic seduction.

If the eight songs on Undefinable Bliss don’t satisfy your Bakkuda needs, check out Capella’s earlier releases, Rule the Space and her self-titled EP Bakkuda available on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Check out the plastic debauchery of “Skills” that would make Dexter Morgan proud.

By: Matthew Burke