Avi Buffalo

Avi Buffalo (Photo Credit: Renata Raksha)

We got the chance to chat with the talented young, Avi Buffalo, on his new album, creative inspirations and what’s next for him. Check it out and don’t miss out on seeing him live at The Casbah on September 14th.


Where does the nickname “Buffalo” come from?

Avi Buffalo: My friend Isaac Cruz made it up when we were 14

Other than music, do pursue any other artistic expression?

Avi Buffalo: I like other forms of art too and dance and visuals and stuff ya. 

What are some of the main inspirations for your music?

Avi Buffalo: I love a lot of different kinds of music seriously. 

How’s this new album different from your previous one?

Avi Buffalo: It’s juicy and dark, wet and intense, somber yet creative, stable yet explorative. 

Your 1st album was so well received, did you ever worry about a “sophomore slump”?

Avi Buffalo: I don’t even know. 

Can you explain what overdubs are and why you love them?

Avi Buffalo: It’s when you record something on top of something else that’s already been recorded. It’s pretty simple, maybe that’s why I like it. 

How is your album a “tribute to the ballad”?

Avi Buffalo: It’s honestly more of an experimental hip hop album I’m totally serious just try to listen to it the right way. 

Interview By: Ty Velasquez