Audacity-Butter-KnifeArtist: Audacity
Album: Butter Knife
Label: Suicide Squeeze
Release Date: October 29th, 2013
Track: “Couldn’t Hold A Candle”

Fuzzy, skuzzy, with a warm buzzy, the new track “Couldn’t Hold A Candle” from the four-piece Fullerton band Audacity comes straight out of the garage and onto the beach.

Warm and catchy, like a excellent summer track, the song zips through two and a half minutes with surf-guitar melodies, snare solos, allegorical visions of hell, the simile “as sharp as a butter knife” and gritty boyish vocals.

If this song is an indication of the quality of Audacity’s new album Butter Knife (out October 29th) then get stoked. It’s the perfect sound to match Southern California’s drawn-out Indian summer of October. Yeeww!

By: Amanda Martinek