Artist: Lonely Bones
Title: “City Where You Sleep”
Label: Self-release
Release Date: February 17, 2017

Lonely Bones‘ new single “City Where You Sleep” will hit you right in the nostalgia feels of 90’s indie-dream-pop.

When the organ hits that first note, you know you’re in for an incredible ride and it doesn’t disappoint when Dee’s, Lonely Bones mastermind, vocals and guitar immediately take off carrying the rest of the song in the most dreamy and emotional way.
Drums and bass don’t get introduced until the chorus and live in certain parts of the song rightly so. The composition and arrangements of the instruments communicate so well together and leave enough breathing space for her melodic voice to flow freely.
Dee’s tone and phrasing are simply magical. Lines like “you hunt me in my dreams,” “just let me go…cause I still see your ghost,” make you want to hit play all over again just so you can live inside those lyrics one last time.
And just when you think you can anticipate the last change from “no I can’t live like this,” the melody surprises you in the most beautiful way by changing its course and introducing a new phrase with a simple line that says “anymore.” And just like that, it gives the song the grand finale it deserves.
“City Where You Sleep” will remind you of Holly Miranda and make you nostalgic for Mazzy Star and Jeff Buckley. But even then, Lonely Bones’ sound feels fresh and incredibly unique. So do yourself a solid and let the ghost of Lonely Bones’ music haunt you in your dreams. You won’t regret it.
Review by: Mónica Mendoza, Creator/Founder GRRRL Independent Ladies