Artist: Animal Youth

Label: Weyrd Son Records

Release Date: May 27, 2017

Track Name: “Feeling”

Loud, melodic, and hazy, Animal Youth’s “Feeling” pulls dancing dreamy feet to the beat.

The post-punk band fulfills the expectations of their highly anticipated debut album Animal. A grey wash is delivered by the opening lyrics which speak of hurt yet those feelings are sensitively juxtaposed to the honey bass line and pleasant synth that encompass the track. Influences of shoegaze and atmospheric 80’s noise pop are clear. Animal Youth breathe those influences while making their own sound modern, relevant, and authentic.

Clean details drawn by the reverb on the guitar in “Feeling” bring an added embellishment to the track. The one delicate strum after the second chorus exemplifies the care that went into the production of this track along with all the others on this album. A bright synth along with the electric guitar hover over the darker shades of the bass and drums. The tune gives a feeling of attempting to be happy after one has made a mistake which we can as humans relate.

“Feeling” is already added to my personal Summer playlist for the noncomplex reason that it simply makes me dance effortlessly as I move about my day.

Animal Youth will be releasing their debut album Animal on May 27th on vinyl through Weyrd Son Records. Be sure to check them out as well on Bandcamp.

Review By: Izzy Soto

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