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Alex G by Chris Maggio

Alex G reigned supreme on an atypical rainy San Diego night. 

Coming off the heels of a dreadful San Diego Padres loss to the Philadelphia Phillies (ironic, considering Alex G is from Philly), a lively experience repelled any potential somber atmosphere. The crowd, mostly a Gen-Z group, was as fervent as if this unassuming bedroom pop virtuoso was the adoring leader of a world-famous boy band.

Alex G, who some have called the Internet’s Best Songwriter, has been one of the most exciting and innovative voices in indie music since breaking through with his 2013 album, “Beach Music.” His set featured music from his full catalog even inviting audience members to request favorites during his so-called encore. 

What sets Alex G apart is his innate songwriting ability, and for his newest record “God Save the Animals” that translates to a bigger more fulfilled sound. Touring on his first album not made exclusively in his home studio, his stage production and presence were also amplified.  Bright light features, big solos, dancy breakdowns, and moshes were all to be seen and embraced. If this is what the kids are listening to these days…I can get behind it.


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Written by: Eduardo Rozen