Photos By: Summer Luu

By: Matthew Burke

Seducing waves of computerized hypnotism enhanced by lights and stage decorations couldn’t distract the fact that Yeasayer have gone soft.

Mechanic jumpsuits, “wife beater” tank-tops, illuminated cardboard cutouts of Mark Twains and alien babies with pineapple hats had the Brooklyn natives looking interesting, which is consistent with their music. Although there was a hint of boredom in the atmosphere that the quartet couldn’t quite shake off. The song execution lacked; singer, Chris Keating seemed slightly jaded and it felt as though the drummer was holding his bandmates from sliding off tempo. It possibly could be that Yeasayer is half electronic and half instrumental, making for a complicated live performance. Not even the poppy single “Silly Me” off their latest album Amen & Goodbye, could take your mind off the $30 admission. The interaction between band and audience was almost nonexistent and once your eyes were glazed over, the band would blend in with the cardboard cuttings that decorated the stage.

After playing songs mostly from their new album, the band departed the stage for a brief moment as if they were done, without the crowd cheering for more. Although, the last minute jam almost saved the night, but it was the lights, the decorated stage and the $9 PBRs that stole the show.