Violent Femmes

Photos By: Rachel Frank

By: David Evanko

Last week the Violent Femmes graced Humphrey’s By the Bay as part of the release of their newest album, We Can Do Anything.

Despite a slight drizzle, the sold out crowd danced and beamed with nostalgia as the Femmes performed most of their classic self-titled album from 1983. Other favorites from “Hallowed Ground”, “The Blind Leading the Naked”, “Freak Magnet”, and “Why Do Birds Sing?” intertwined and jangled across the bay with the incredibly refreshing folk punk boogie of the new album.

One of the more memorable moments of the night was the band’s praise of San Diego’s own, Blaise Garza. Blaise is a UCSD music graduate who has been touring with the band since 2004 and whose saxophone is prominently featured on We Can Do Anything. He greeted his warm welcome home with masterful performances in songs like Issues which was followed by a glimmering saxophone solo.

Over 30 years, the Violent Femmes still possess the vitality to make us stomp and dance as we did before. Catch them somewhere in America this Summer and grab a copy of We Can Do Anything if you need further proof that they can do anything.