Artist: Vaya Futuro
Track: “Tips para ir de viaje”
Label: Quemasucabeza
Release Date: June 1st, 2017

Vaya Futuro releases single “Tips Para ir de Viaje” on June 1st for the first time under Chilean label Quemasucabeza.

Vaya Futuro are not the new kids on the block anymore. Slacking is not within their sights though. The track “Tips para ir de Viaje” is polished and matured compared to songs off their album Perro Verde y Triste. There is more room for pop than noise in the maturing shoegaze/noise pop band. The gentleman from Tijuana have marked themselves on the scene with a loyal following and are making a stance to remain as one of Latin America’s Indie favorites.

The themes in this song cover getting older and having a sober realization that life is not what one imagined it to be. Abandoning expectations and taking life for what it is itself are subject matter that Luis Aguilar sings through the track. The boys have come a long way from their days in Celofano in Tijuana and have come to express it within their sensible lyrics and sound.

Be sure to keep an eye out for their new album that will be released later this year under Quemasucabeza.

Review By: Izzy Soto