Twin Shadow

Twin Shadow

Photos By: Rachel Frank

By: Amanda Martinek

George Lewis Jr. (stage name: Twin Shadow) took Belly Up Tavern by storm last Friday night. The night before his major label debut, Eclipse, he gave an awe-inspiring performance to the Solana Beach crowd. Did I mention that Lewis had been losing his voice and still performed? The sign of a truly talented musician.

A large square box structure made of steel bars was unveiled before Lewis took the stage, leaving the audience murmuring with questions of confusion. There was nothing confusing, however, when Twin Shadow took the stage shy of 11pm. Poised and all smiles, Lewis seemed comfortable and relaxed during the performance. The crowd collectively wondered how his new music had progressed since the popular days of “Castles In The Snow” and “Golden Light”. He juxtaposed his set list, igniting the audience with “Five Seconds” first and changing it up to the newest single of Eclipse, “Turn Me Up”.

While Twin Shadow lovers hold onto two solid and favorite works (Forget and Confess) over his short career, his new singles definitely match their predecessor’s magnetism. And with steady previews of his new singles being released such as “Old Love / New Love”, they hold the same energetic pop synths and dance vibes more than ever. 

The most memorable moment from Friday’s show was that I hugged George Lewis Jr. Yes, I hugged the shit out his tan, Dominican Republican, sweaty self after he got off stage. The only unsettling thing about the show was that it wasn’t even sold out. The venue was completely full but not sold out. A brilliant mind like Lewis’ should never be discarded, so please, make sure to check out Twin Shadow when he stops by again. It’s a performance that you won’t want to miss.

P.S. Have you heard Twin Shadow’s cover of The Smiths’ “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out”?
It’s amazing so watch/listen it below.