Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks played the Irenic — North Park church by day, venue by night–last Friday, helping start the weekend on a high note.

It had been a week of abnormal weather in usually sunny San Diego. It was muggy, with gray clouds and scattered showers and the occasional thunderclap that sets off car alarms.

Stepping into the youthful environment of the Twin Peaks show at the Irenic brought back a sense of normality that had been missing that week. In the smoke filled room, a group of long haired teenagers head banged and danced at the front of the stage. Others hung back but couldn’t help but bob their heads to the jangly, garage rock of Chicago based Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks, comprised of Cadien Lake James, Clay Frankel, Jack Dolan, Colin Croom and Connor Brodner, formed in 2010 while the guys were still in high school. Fast forward six years later, the guys have three studio albums under their belt: Sunken (2013), Wild Onion (2014) and their most recent, Down In Heaven (2016). They bear the same name as the iconic David Lynch TV show, but their upbeat tunes are a far cry from the horrors that haunt the people of the fictional Washington town Twin Peaks.

Beyond catchy songs like “Walk to the One You Love,” “Making Breakfast,” and “Wanted You,” the guys put on a show with infectious energy. They clearly enjoy playing and this enthusiasm comes across onto the audience. They often switch vocal duties between them, moving through their set list seamlessly. There’s awesome harmonies plus some shout along choruses. The band’s chemistry is obvious– you can tell they’ve known each other since high school.

You’d be a fool to miss Twin Peaks the next time they come to town. Do yourself a favor and listen to their new album Down In Heaven available for streaming via Spotify.

Photos By: Rachel Frank
Review By: Lara McCaffrey