It was a Friday night slow dance full of hip sways and head bops with The Marias at The Irenic.

Openers Vanessa Zamora and Dreamer Boy set the tone for the night, Zamora with her smooth Spanish pop and Dreamer Boy with his Nashville stage presence.

The Marias started their show off with a fan favorite: “Cariño.” Immediately, the crowd was hip-swaying back and forth, singing along in Spanish with lead singer Maria.

The Marias continued to generate a dreamy atmosphere throughout the night, performing “I Don’t Know You” and “Only In My Dreams.” When they performed slightly less popular tune, “Ruthless,” it seemed the audience had only one thing on their mind, to dance. The Marias further emphasized this energy by playing their cover of Britney Spears’ “…Baby One More Time.” Having just dropped this cover on Soundcloud the night before, I don’t think the crowd expected it. The audience clearly loved it though, singing the chorus louder than Maria herself.

While understated, The Marias band put on a flawless performance. The guitarist constructed dreamy tones with layered chorus, flanger, and delay pedals, and the drummer Josh kept the band tight. However, it was the trumpet player who stole the show. Making an appearance out of backstage for only a few songs, he gracefully played his trumpet in a white suit that the crowd cheered wildly for.

The Marias concluded the night with an encore where they danced the night away performing “Clueless” off their most recent EP Superclean, Vol. II.