Check out La Luz‘s Top 5 Picks and don’t miss out on seeing them tonight at Soda Bar!


1. Wye Oak – Sick Talk

Currently obsessing over Sick Talk by Wye Oak. It starts with a simple one note groove with tasty bass fills and drum pauses that sit underneath a very interesting vocal melody. By the time they get to the first chorus the whole song opens up and blasts you into a cosmic wonderland. – Lena

2. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Swim and Sleep

I’ve been obsessed with Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s song Swim and Sleep.  The vocals are unique, the bass lines are interesting and supple, and the drums just kind of hang out.  I really like the chord profession of that song, too. – Marian

3. Angel Olsen – Acrobat

Currently overplaying Angel Olsen’s “Acrobat”. The lyrics really resonate with me right now and the way the simple guitar accompaniment compliments the vocal melody line just makes my heart melt. – Alice

4 & 5. Ty Segall – The Singer/ It’s Over

I’ve been freaking out over Ty Segall’s new album “Manipulator”. It’s almost tough to listen to in the van driving though the expansive Canadian countryside because it makes me wanna run around and spaz out and headbang all over the golden meadows. “The Singer” and “It’s Over” are back to back and compliment each other really perfectly. “The Singer” has kind of tense creep going on and “It’s Over” just explodes with some of the craziest riffs on an album that’s a veritable encyclopedia of sick riffage. – Shana