Photos By: Summer Luu


By: Rachel Frank

Can’t stop, can’t stop this glorious man. With rhythm, sex appeal, and vibes for days, Theophilus London captivated the small but intimate crowd at The Belly Up this past Sunday.

After only previously listening to a few songs off his 2011 albums, Lovers Holiday and Timez Are Weird, I was pleased to hear the progression with his new music on his 2014 album, Vibes.Yet, throughout the better half of the show, London kept saying the crowd didn’t have “enough energy”. Adding tribalistic beats, screaming and stage jumping, while continuing to keep his sexual neo-soul presence set the perfect mood to get the crowd moving. 

With Kanye West as an executive producer for Vibes, you can definitely hear traces of West’s influence on the album. Vibes feels more like West’s 2010 My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, than any of his previous work, which fits well with London’s passionate vocals and funky beats. The album is perfectly mastered in the studio and even better performed onstage.

Overall, the Trinidadian-born rapper put on a funky, sexy show that left the “progressive” crowd sweating and craving more. It’s just a shame The Belly Up was empty because this man is about to blow the fuck up.