The Young Wild at The Casbah

Photo by Sergey Kolivayko

The Young Wild convinced everyone to let “the moment go” at the Casbah and passed around their deeply satisfying elixir of indie-soul bliss.

After a rather enlightening Lyft with my driver from South Sudan, it was straight to James Coffee a couple blocks up on India St for the pre-show double espresso and decompression before the handshakes & hugs at the rock ‘n roll temple. The Casbah, Aero Club and Blonde are the Whisky A Go Go, Rainbow Room and Roxy of the San Diego “Sunset Strip” where you can mingle and jingle with the fellow drifters of the music scene.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane….wait, no, it is Captain Auzmo descending from the celestial galaxies of a parallel universe! Reminds your humble narrator very much of the beautifully weird aesthetic of Gary Wilson meets the glam rock of T-Rex, a torch from the local rock ‘n roll ashes of Dirty Sweet.  As I inhale on my branded Vape Pen that the Galactic Captain gifted me, I submit myself to the sunshine 🙂

Ariel Levine is no stranger to the scene. He recently performed a fantastic tribute to our deceased hero of days late David Bowie.  This my was my first vidi of the talented musician and I was not disappointed.  I especially loved when he and the band got into some of his electro-funk tinged material.

Last, but most certainly not least San Diego’s indie pop heroes The Young Wild. I must disclose that I have been a friend of Bass/Moog player Gareth and singer Brian for many years. The Young Wild was spawned originally from their former project Family Wagon back when Gareth was literally living in a Family Wagon in OB.  Their sound has developed leaps and bounds from their former blues-rock roots.

Brian’s soulful swoon, matched with the drum/production prowess of drummer Brandon Zedaker and energy swag of Gareth form one of the best bands spawned from the local scene currently out there! The packed house at the Casbah merrily bounced to the hit “Not a One” and proudly sang all of the lyrics to the mega-anthem “Moment Goes”. It was a massive privilege for all to see this band in such a small, intimate venue!

Review by: Craig Schreiber
Photos by: Sergey Kolivayko