burningofromeArtist: The Burning of Rome
Album: The Year of the Ox
Release Date: May 9, 2014

After pressing play to The Burning of Rome’s new album The Year of the Ox, I felt what could only be described as an “out-of-body experience”.

I have never been as pleasantly entranced in the first few seconds of an album as I was by these “space rockers”.

On their new record, there is most definitely an “out-of-this-world” feel to the spacey vocals, and when combined with great rock instrumentation, The Burning of Rome produces distinctive sounds that are pleasing to the earholes. With their brilliant arrangements, I can’t help but think that if Queen and David Bowie had a fantastically, glamorous carnival; The Burning of Rome would be the featured entertainment.

The first track titled after the album, “The Year of the Ox”, starts us off with a harmonious blend of vocals and an electronic, intergalactic composition that leaves you feeling suspended in space and time. Shortly after you are hurdled back to Earth by some rock n’ roll guitar riffs that create and entirely different experience. It is sort of like being in a Star Wars movie, going warped speed through space and occasionally kicking some ass.

The Burning of Rome has such a unique sound, and each song is different enough from the last to hold the interest of their listeners, yet uniform enough that you know who and what you are listening to. My favorite song on The Year of the Ox, “Melina”, is upbeat track with a rock feel that is reminiscent of The Strokes.

The Burning of Rome are currently on tour and playing at The Casbah this Friday, May 23rd! You can purchase tickets here.

By: Chelsey Faust