The Buttertones played a sold out show at the UCSD Loft, making everyone dance ’til they had nothing left.

The Buttertones

The Buttertones

The UCSD Loft holds about 160 people, so walking in for the first time you might assume that you’d be in for a chill night of music. But as soon as The Buttertones took the stage, that assumption would have been quickly dismissed; the band started things off chill with “Jungle” a track from their new album Midnight In A Moonless Dream, then quickly turned up the speed with “Dak’s Back.” By then, the whole entire venue had turned in to a mosh pit, with everyone actively losing their minds to that doom wop sound.

The Buttertones keptrolling with tracks “Grave Digging” and “Matador,” as well as personal favorite “Colorado” from their second LP American Brunch. Although they dealt with some sound issues, they kept the vibes at an all time high. The show flew by pretty quickly as they finished their main set, but the crowd wasn’t done with them yet, as they screamed “ten more songs!”

They obliged with a couple bangers which included “Orpheus Under The Influence” and of course “La Bamba” by Ritchie Valens to end the night, as always. If you’re travelling, make sure to check their tour schedule, and check out their new record Midnight In A Moonless Dream out now.

Photos and review by: Nicholas Regalado