Powerful drums, drony vocals, and some tight-fisted guitar riffs were all presented at The Music Box for a night of good old-fashioned psychedelic rock with The Black Angels

The Black Angels

The Black Angels

The Black Angels, since forming in 2004 it’s been hard to get this band off the top of the psychedelic rock mountain. That mountain was a trek worth taking for San Diego at Music Box on an especially warm night. As soon as the doors opened, people of all different ages flowed in with fragrant smells of flowers, the kind that are in perfumes, and the kind that is rolled up. Local San Diego band Amerikan Bear didn’t waste any time as they opened up the night hard and fast. Frontman Nathan Wettstead a.k.a. Bear sang with a voice so pleasing that all of downtown could’ve gotten a slight rush of euphoria. They did an unbelievable job in opening up for an act the whole crowd was itching to see.

It was time, as The Black Angels strutted on stage like some straight pros, all you could hear was the thunderous praise from the audience. The band treated that praise by playing most of the popular hits that got them to the top of that psychedelic rock mountain. Hits like “Young Men Dead”, “Black Grease”, and “Bad Vibrations.” As Christian Bland (lead Vocalist) serenaded the entire venue he bounced a tambourine off his palm like a bouquet of flowers. The crowd favorite had to have been drummer Stephanie Bailey, she played with such ferocity and passion. All in all, it was a night that no one wanted to end. Do yourself a favor and go see this band live.


Photos and Review by: Nicholas Regalado

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