Teenage Fanclub, one of the greatest bands to never get the full amount of recognition they deserved, played at the Belly Up Tavern last Thursday night.

Kurt Cobain called them the best band in the world. Noel Gallagher called them the second best band of the world. Sadly like their 70’s power-pop, sister band Big Star, they never quite got the mainstream notice they deserved (although Spin did give them album of the year over Nirvana’s Nevermind). Despite being 10 albums into their 4 decade spanning career, they were still able to play the same heavy guitar and harmonious vocally driven songs as when they first started. Bashfully addressing the crowd with Scottish accents, the five piece band cheerfully smiled through a set list consisting of songs through out their entire catalog. Songs from their new album Here fit right in among old classics the crowd knew every lyric to, such as “The Concept” and “About You.” They ended their set with “Everything Flows” from their first, a beautiful reference to their 1989 start all the way in 2017.

By: Lilay Cai