Teen Daze / Photo Credit: Teen Daze Facebook

Teen Daze / Photo Credit: Teen Daze Facebook

Photo By: Andrew Gomez

Heavenly Beat / Photo By: Andrew Gomez

By: April Almaraz

Local solo artist Alex from Bakkuda, opened things up last night for Teen Daze at Soda Bar. A very small intimate show, but still with tons of great sound for a Thursday night. Following was Other bodies. A trio who brings an electronic drone sound, music you can’t dance to but more so ponder on the question “what is life”. I walked into their set and the vibe of Soda Bar was a mellow atmosphere. With a guitar, mixer & beat pallet, Other Bodies’ music was very experimental. No crazy light show production other than the standard simple green and blue lights that shine on complimentary of Soda.

As Heavenly Beat starts to set up and do their mic checks, I become very excited to see what they bring. My second time witnessing this band but with new members. Together, all the way from Brooklyn NY,  they formed a casual cool triangle. Heavenly Beat starts things off with recorded beats, then chimes in the bass & guitars. With a soft low voice John Peña sways along with every word he sings. A very much different pace and sound from his former band – Beach Fossils. With a quick reach into his pocket Peña grabs his harmonica. Ending with a roar of screams and applause, all
or course recorded and coming from the speakers, Heavenly Beat lived up to their name.

With very long ethereal introductions, Teen Daze finally graces the stage. Steady drum beats, awesome bass and cosmic waves. Vocals aren’t  used so often on tracks but is made up with funk like beats entering often through out their set. When vocals were used they were very soft and could be related to Fleet Foxes. As the crowd started to thin out Teen Daze closed their set with a lengthy track that sent you home with nothing but the thoughts of the universe.