Artwork By: Andrew McGranahan

The first release since their 2015 debut Shoreline Dilemma, Splavender‘s new single “Honeysuckle” smashes together different musical aesthetics harder than the Large Hadron Collider.

Instead of discovering the Higgs Boson, however, they have discovered something way sicker; breezy harmonies, balmy guitar riffs, sun-licked bridges – pretty much anything associated with nice weather, Splavender has it. Plus, they have Andre the sax man who is MUCH better than their previous member Andre the sex man who couldn’t even play the sax and kept asking if they could practice “shirts off.”

Splavender is Ellis D, Anthony Noriega, Oscar Carrion, André Flores, and Grant Glibert.

Listen to their new single “Honeysuckle” here: