Sipz Vegan Musician of the Month: Jeremiah Zimmerman

San Diego is a growing city that is rich in culture, music, and the arts. Vegan and Vegetarian culture is just as much  a part of the progression and lifestyle. Certain individuals encompass that growth as a staple of the city’s identity. Jeremiah Zimmerman is one of the individuals that lends his many talents to the music and arts community. Fronting The Silent Comedy along with his Brother Josh Zimmerman, they have found international success, and have shared the stage with acts like Brian Setzer, and The Killers.

The Silent Comedy is a Rock n Roll, folk, and Americana inspired group with a modern touch. They have reached the masses with their music in all media platforms and have had their tracks on video-games and television. They continue to write material and are currently playing live in various cities.

Aside from The Silent Comedy, Jeremiah tours the country with different acts and is a DJ under the name Goose ^ Mavrk along with Camron Adam Zibaie.

His Parents have been a major influence on him being a vegetarian / vegan . His father practices Natural medicine and his mother is a raw food chef.

As a traveling musician he has experienced the down side and upside to his diet regime. Traveling between cities can make things difficult . He has regional favorites such as, New York Vegan
Pizza, and Vegan Philly Cheese steak.

He visits Sipz Vegetarian Cafe once a week and loves the Vegan sushi along with other dishes. He loves to share vegan ideology with others but does not like to impose his views. Being vegan is a lifestyle and philosophy that he loves to share with others who are interested and curious.

-Bidi Cobra

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