By: David Lopez de Arenosa

If you couldn’t get tickets to ODESZA’s sold out show at the Belly up on Sunday then indie pop sensation Lowell and equally sensational Young Summer were a more than adequate Plan B. Playing to about thirty people at the ever intimate Soda Bar on El Cajon Blvd, just about everyone got a piece of the action as the two female fronted bands rocked the stage with their dance-y beats and sweet ballads.

Young Summer was up first, and her powerful yet smooth and gentle singing left many a jaw dropped on the floor. Evoking reminiscent memories and stolen moments, it seemed as though her lyrics were perfectly concluding a warm, treasured summer. Her new album Siren just came out recently and is well worth a listen, it might just recapitulate your summer too.

Lowell brought up the pace a little with her upbeat pop tunes and infectious lyrics, but beneath the surface are some more serious themes of sexuality and gender equality for you to chew and swallow. Oddly well timed with Emma Watson’s UN speech about women’s rights, it seems as though society is trying to tell me something…

But nevertheless, Sunday night was a lot of fun and a well needed dose of indie pop and good jams. Plan B was definitely a hit.