Photo by: Nolan Knight

R.LUM.R packed in the college crowd at The Loft for his first San Diego show.

This night was full of talent. Opener Cehryl proved it by laying down solid bass lines to lead her voice and electric guitar, playing songs from her recently released EP “Delusions“. From the beginning, the room was captivated by the bursts of lightness to her vocals and melodies. She also showcased a couple of covers, including Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”.

The night continued with headliner R.LUM.R taking the stage with full command. R.LUM.R started the set with soulful music with an electronic influence, and the crowd’s excitement was palpable. Throughout the night, the crowd was vocal and approving of R.LUM.R’s sound. R.LUM.R introduced the audience to newer songs he’s yet to release, including “Lies,” a song with sweetly arranged runs and scatting with his falsetto voice, and songs from his newer album Afterimage, including “Frustrated” and “Close Enough.” There was a brief moment of what could be considered a spiritually influenced instrumental break, sounding ethereal and magnetic, which perfectly transitioned into a cover of The 1975’s “Somebody Else”.

R.LUM.R effortlessly showcased his adept ability to hit notes that easily made people throw a nasty face of absolute approval. These remarks of approval were especially exclaimed when R.LUM.R delivered a flawless and unique performance of Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin’ Bout You.”

By the end of the night, R.LUM.R had cultivated a sense of what he perfectly has referred to as “framily”.

Review By: Rachêl Barocio