Pierce Fulton, Noosa

Pierce Fulton, Noosa

Concluding a tour with friends, Pierce Fulton delivered a show full of lightness and fun at Soda Bar.

Noosa started off the night with a bright electronic song “Wide Eyes” paired with cat videos of her own two cats playing behind her. Noosa showcased songs with pop elements and a wide range of electronic sounds, as well as showing off her beautiful and incandescent vocal range. She featured songs from her EP The California Songs, sharing relate-able lyrics of lost love, and the inability to have the full capacity of loving someone.

Next, NVDES certainly took the stage with full comfort and spunk by complimenting individuals within the audience. Welcoming the crowd to have a good time, let loose, be themselves, watch them or the visuals and care for absolutely nothing. Their opening song reflected their casual attitude and carefree sense, singing about getting high and going on Tinder.

Throughout their set, NVDES utilized incredibly artistic and creative visuals that were both visually and sensually captivating, incorporating emojis, models of various sorts, and animated images that could be considered controversial yet tasteful. By the end of their set, nearly the entire audience had heeded their request and let loose by dancing and singing along to NVDES songs.

Pierce Fulton commenced his set accompanying ethereal sounds with electric visuals of naturistic scenes, providing an entirely different contrast to his opening bands. At the start of his set, Fulton created a unique technique of having the audience be a part of the music (but remaining on beat) by incorporating lights cued for people to clap along with.

Combining different instruments into his set, Fulton proved to be an incredibly versatile and talented multi-instrumentalist. The night concluded with strangers dancing with one another and Fulton inviting his friends (aka NVDES and Noosa) to join him onstage as the backup in harmonies and dancing.

REVIEW BY: Rachêl Barocio
PHOTOS BY: Christine Heyne